On Migration Heart

With themes of journeying, loss and hopefulness, Migration Heart: Songs for the Wandering, is a mile marker and moment’s rest along the way.

The simplicity of the arrangements reflects the easy quiet nature of Isahrai & Pablo’s musical collaboration and friendship for the past 3 years. The range of genres is a snapshot of their exploration of new voices, concepts and fusions to bring together their varied experiences and styles into one cohesive sound. And there is no doubt that the central thought of saying goodbye — of “Travelin’ On” —  is autobiographical and bittersweet.

Isahrai Azaria & Pablo Araujo, Migration Heart, 2013 (Photo by Epitacio Sanchez)

Migration Heart was conceived as a grassroots fundraising effort to support the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival and was inspired by the spirit of collaboration and generosity of spirit that the festival embodies. All profits will be donated to the festival’s continued efforts to promote cultural programs and tourism in Mexico.

For more about the festival’s mission as well as its impact on this project and on Isahrai & Pablo as musicians, click here. Or you can visit the festival’s own website at www.ZihuaFest.info.

Isahrai Azaria & Pablo Araujo, Migration Heart, 2013 (Photo by Epitacio Sanchez)

I’ve been still too long
I’ve been sitting in one place
But the season is changing
and the sunlight is fading.
– “Migration Heart”

Migratory Birds

Just give a call when you get where you’re goin’… I’ll keep travelin’ on, travelin’ on to you.
– “Travelin’ On”